Turning Pens with Rex and Kip

This series covers both the fundamentals and advanced techniques of turning pens. Topics include design variations, decorative techniques, and turning pens from various woods and other materials. A section titled "Tips and Tricks" provides useful information to help increase efficiency on and off the lathe.
Video I: Basics and Beyond
Woodturning Pens DVD: Turning Pens with Kip & Rex

Topics covered in Video I: "The Basics and Beyond":
• Fundamental procedures for making turned pens
• Making the basic Slimline Pen
• Design variations using the versatile Slimline Kit
• Decorative techniques including wire burn details, finger grip grooves, no centerband designs, and making an antler centerband.
• Tools for turning pens and how to use them
• Adhesives for pen making
• Materials for making pens including various woods, plastics, and antler
Video II: More Pens plus Tips and Tricks
Woodturning Pens - Video II: More Pens plus Tips and Tricks
Topics covered in Video II: "More Pens plus Tips and Tricks":
• The European style pen
• Making a European style pen with a Blackwood centerband
• Making the American style Rollerball and Fountain pen
• Techniques for turning plastic and antler
• Tips and Tricks, including:
- drying pen blanks
- cleaning the brass tube
- the "potato trick"
- drill bits, drilling jigs and tips
- reaming and barrel trimming
- repairing defects in wood
- adding wire burn details
- using a buffing wheel
- assembly jigs and tips
- disassembling a pen
Woodturning Pen Blanks
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